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It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to update you all on what is going on in my life. Sometimes time speeds up until there is a moment where you kind of stop and look up at the moon and remember you need to rest or simply catch up with a good chat and a brew. So this is just that.

I’ve nearly finished my Priestess training, with only the Yule sabbat left to be initiated on. Becoming a Priestess means it simply enables me to run sacred feminine circles, workshops and retreats. I wanted to do something like this for yoga & belly dance classes, to make them more than just fitness classes, I wanted my teachings to be holistic and mystical. In this training I’ve learned so much about Paganism, moon cycles, how to guide people through visual meditations, the symbolism of plants, colours and animals, how to create an alter and much more. It’s been an incredible journey and I started out doing this purely for myself, for self reflection because I was so focused on the external world and I needed something that brought me back to myself, back to the magic in the mundane, becoming a priestess has really done this for me. I know people will think I’m weird and scoff at all I’m doing, but it’s water off a ducks back, I don’t care anymore, life’s too short to care what other’s might think of you, as long as I’m happy and I’m doing no one any harm then that’s all that matters.

This Friday I’m teaching my first Teen Yoga & Belly dance class. I’ve been asked to mix it up a bit because some boys are interested and a lot of the kids are stressed because they’re revising for exams and some are also hyperactive. I’m planning a short but fast sun salutation to tire them out,a yoga game, a couple of challenging poses then some deep pranayama breathing to settle them down. After that for 40 minutes I’ll teach a beginners belly dance session. I’m really excited about this but I’m not getting my hopes up, many people who’ve worked with teens had a disastrous first class, it’s to be expected so I’m not going to create a perfect lesson plan because I feel like I may have to wing it!

We’re going away for three weeks this Christmas! We’re actually spending Christmas day in a different country! I’m so excited! I’m not giving away where we are going just yet as the journey hasn’t been fully organized, yes we’ve bought the flights however Jon had to spend a week in Russia last week so we haven’t sat together properly to iron out kinks and plan a basic itinerary. I’m just super stoked I won’t have to deal with the overt consumerism over Christmas, it’s going to be so quiet and heavenly.

I’m making more dream catchers in the new year, these are all commissions from friends but also they act as prototypes for an etsy shop I want to open, I need sample photos to show potential customers what I create so the next batch are two bohemian Bridal catchers, a Neon (glow in the dark catcher) and two sacred feminine catchers- one white and one deep, womb red. By that point I’ll have a variety of size, colours and styles to exhibit online and I’m looking forward to having this as a little side business project.

On top of this, the new website is still being worked on and I hope to have it go live in the new year. It will house yoga & belly dance information like where I’ll be teaching, prices and schedules for upcoming workshops & retreats, as well as info on dream catcher making workshops, a page will be created to feature tabs to all the sites I’m published on, my dream catcher samples will be there too with a link to my etsy shop, plus the usual gallery, bio, resume and contact details and a link to this blog. With that comes new business cards, leaflets and photography too so stay tuned for new yoga & belly dance photoshoots!
I’m sorting out my teaching insurance, yoga alliance and Independant Yoga Network memberships as well, this is really important for my little teaching business.

My Illustrated Poetry book has taken a slight back seat this year as I have had no time to work on it, other than one new poem which I’ll illustrate and publish in the new year perhaps with Rebelle Society. The concept of the book has changed also as I want to include short stories, photography and collage, this is a project close to my heart and publishing a book is something I’ve always wanted to do.

I’m still saving for the 200hr yoga teacher training which will be on a Thai island for 3 months (plus a couple of weeks in Bali) but currently have an injured right leg, I’m allowing it to heal so my yoga practice has been a gentle one for a few weeks now, for this reason I’ve pushed the yoga teacher training back til late Spring and this is also why my partner & I are going on a Christmas holiday instead. I also plan to do a Fitness Instructing Level 2 to gain more knowledge of the body and general fitness and I want to specialize in Yin Yoga. I’m currently Weight training at home with my yoga practice plus a dance workout thrice weekly to keep fit and feel stronger. I feel like I’m ready to get back into studying the body and I really need to freshen up my knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology!

That’s pretty much me really and we leave the UK for our 3 week holiday on the 10th December so I have much to finish up before then, including a list of scheduled blog posts so stay tuned for those.
What are you currently up to and do you have any New Year plans?

*Photo of me reading Simple Things Magazine- taking some time out from my busy schedule for some rest in cozy socks.

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