Sneak Peak: The Adventures of Harry Molloy

I planned this children’s book for my Nephew a few years ago, I started working on it soon after my first book “Bella likes to Laugh” which I created for Jon’s Niece. However my life gradually became busier and I had to work on other projects and commitments. When I made the first book I was unemployed, looking for work as I had just moved to Plymouth and finding arty projects to keep me busy. I had plenty of time on my hands to make Bella’s book but with Harry’s book it kind of had to take a back seat.

Now I can focus on finishing it as I am nearing the end of my professional development and training, my Resume is looking fantastic with wonderful work experience and my current art projects are easy to juggle. Harry’s book will include more illustrations and slightly advanced text because he is now 6 years old. The chosen language for him to learn is Spanish and I want the entire book to feel like Harry has already had his hands on it with crayon scribbles, finger marks and mud appearing on the pages because Harry loves nature and being out getting muddy in the great outdoors. The framework will be a timeline with illustrations of him as a baby right up to when his sister Darcy was born. I am just so glad I can finally work on this book once more and I hope to have it finished and published by Christmas.

I will not be making any more personalized children’s books, both mine and Jon’s sisters have had another baby each, and whilst it would be nice to make our nieces Darcy and Nicole a book as well and perhaps do the same for friends children, to be honest I really can not be bothered. Making the Bella and Harry books are painfully slow and monotonous, the whole process of making a set of illustrations from photocopies of photos using tracing paper is so tedious. Plus I really want to focus more on my illustrated poetry book (which I hope to be published with Amazon) and keep on making dream catchers.

The poetry book is a lovely ongoing project I can work on when I am inspired or a poem jumps into my head and dream catchers can be made on a rainy afternoon. This is where I am at artistically, only wanting to make things for the simple pleasure of crafting or if I am paid to teach/create a workshop or piece for clients.
These images are a sneak peak as to how Harry’s book will look and feel, with about 30 main illustrations plus drawings of wildlife and plant life will be added to compliment the sketches of Harry on his adventures. I hope you like them?



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