Summer Solstice Dream Catchers

dream catcher hand made
Here are three recently made dream catchers by yours truly. I do enjoy making these because to me dream catchers just look magical, it’s one of my favourite symbols and has been for many years. I made all three as gifts for three women, the first is for my yoga teacher Jo who runs the Yoga Loft, the second is for Jodie who co-facilitated the yoga & belly dance workshop with me and the last is for the woman who accepted me onto the Teen Yoga teacher training happening in Bath at the end of August this year. I have decided to open an etsy shop and I will be making a bigger batch probably in the Autumn when I’m not so busy. It’s a hobby I love doing because its essentially the only thing I do purely out of enjoyment, sure one day I’d love to teach workshops, that would be fun and yes I am opening an etsy shop but I don’t have any expectations on my dream catcher creations to make money, if they do it’s a blessing but other than that this is a lovely past time that brings me back to myself and calms my nerves.

And I think that’s the difference between a hobby and a passion. A passion is something that sits in the driver’s seat and there is desire to potentially turn it into a career and make money out of it one day as oppose to working a 9-5 mediocre job. A hobby is purely for leisure, yes it can turn into a passion and some people do make career’s out of their hobby’s but those people will always say “I never set out to make money from this, it was always for enjoyment and it was a stroke of luck it got popular and now I earn money from selling my product.”

My passions are yoga, belly dance and art. I am in the process of turning them into a career. I want to teach them out into the community as a holistic teacher, I want to earn a living from being of service to others via creative means and bring people back to their bodies and their spirit. Making dream catchers is something I want to do in my free time during rainy day Sunday’s and sometimes I may sell them, other times they are gifts to those I love.

Making dream catchers keeps me relaxed and I love picking out the materials I use and choosing charms to fit with an individual’s personality. It’s my little piece of magic, they are like talismans to me and I always sage them and bless them under the full moon.

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