Sunday photos: D.I.Y Home Decor

The Projects:

D.I.Y fire place

refurbishing a table

The Prep work:

home décor

life style, upcycling

doing up old junk

distressing furniture

make your own fire place surround

Antiquing, distressing and refurbishing old junk

home style, retro, vintage, D.I.Y tips

First coat of Paint:

home decoration, home furnishing, do it your self, fun activity

decopage and decopatch

laura ashley duck egg blue

grey under coat primer paint

Jon fitting everything into place:
painting and decorating your home for next to nothing

home made Britain

painting a table

Lightly sanding off the globules of Paint:

sanding, buffing, painting

Final 2 to 3 coats of chosen paint colour:

wood glue, fire place fitting

home décor ideas

Katie Ness,

bargain furniture

Nearing the End:
refurbishing a fire place and small table as a feature piece or for a child's bedroom

As you can see, not only did Jon revamp & paint an existing wooden fire surround but he also painted 2 wooden planks that are from part of a skirting board, the reason for this is the fire surround itself was a bit too big for the metal fire place. Painting & Gluing the extra pieces of wood onto the inner sides of the wooden surround filled the gap nicely and looks professional. He bought the old wooden surround for £20. All that needs doing now is the tiling. We have spare Black tiles from renovating the Bathroom.

Here is what the fire place looks like now its finished: Jon’s Fireplace

In regards to my little table, I bought it for a fiver from a charity shop. It was sanded, primed and had 2 or 3 coats of Laura Ashley’s Duck Egg Blue paint as the top coat. I then sanded it again to age & antique it, making it oh so quirky and gorgeously Shabby Chic!
Soon after that I decorated it but its unfinished- for the time being I’ve placed stones, feathers, and tumbled healing crystals inside and underneath the glass top. I may come back to it in the near future (perhaps if and when I own my own yoga studio) Jon suggested using something delicate like dried leaves or their skeletons.

Here is the little table in its *almost* completed form: DIY Shabby Chic table

Great Books to Inspire Creativity in the Home:

Kid's rooms, sacred places

doing up old junk

Here is the AMAZING website of Kirstie Allsopp who is renowned for Interior Design, Upcycling Junk and D.I.Y:
The Official Website of Kirstie Allsopp

You do not need to be an artistic person or D.I.Y expert to do things like this for your home, you do not even need large amounts of time and children are no excuse because you can get them involved! All you need is the want to create something unique to your home and the patience to make it rather than opting for something that is mass produced. There are so many cheap and even free things available that you can spruce up yourself which makes it more meaningful to you because you revamped it!

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