Surprise! We’re in the Algarve, Portugal!

SURPRISE! We’re in the Algarve, which is the Southern part of Portugal! We decided to go on a last minute, pre-Christmas mini break as a great way to end the year of 2016 and to get away from the chaos of the UK.
We are currently in Faro and have been here since 9:30am this morning. We’ve been site seeing around the old town and took a leisurely stroll around the city centre. The people and way of life here is so much more relaxed than the UK and even though it is middle of December it is still rather warm from 11am until 4pm with beautiful sunshine all day. The mornings and evenings are slightly on the cold side but nothing a light jacket and scarf can’t fix!

We have another three days here before we head back to Plymouth and we plan to go on some day trips to neighbouring towns around the Algarve. Tomorrow morning we are going to see the Bone Chapel which is a small chapel decorated with human bones and a golden skeleton!

So far, our visit to the Algarve has been relaxing and it feels so nice to be away from the Christmas madness back home, the Portuguese people do celebrate Christmas but they seem to be more mellow about it and it feels good to wander about the cobble streets in peace and quiet.

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