Tea & Tarot: My Oracle Decks

So I did another video discussing divination decks but this time it wasn’t exactly about the Tarot, it was about Oracle decks which are kind of like the sister to the Tarot.
In this video I discuss my first ever Oracle deck “healing with the fairies”, a deck I won “Miracles Now” and a deck I recently purchased because it resonates with who I am right now and this is the beautiful “Wild Kuan Yin”. Also in this video there are little snippets of my family history, how I’d raise my future children, why I choose to live as frugally as possible and what it means to be a Witch.

There will be two more videos for this “Tea & Tarot” mini series coming up very soon. One is going to be playful (and very eccentric) and the last very personal. I hope you enjoy this current video and stay tuned for the last two!

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