Tea & Tarot: The Wild Unknown

I finally sorted everything and we found out the reason why this video wasn’t uploading and it was because something is currently wrong with FireFox. Switching to Google Chrome, the video uploaded within an hour. So here is the second video of my Tea & Tarot mini series. In this episode I talk about how the Wild Unknown is not a shadow deck for me, instead it tuned me into the primordial, Vivacious wild woman. This deck has extremely raw, earthy energy like the Muladhara (base chakra) and I do enjoy working with it’s potent primal energy. I do hope you enjoy this video and in a few weeks time I will be uploading a third video, which will be a Tarot unboxing of an Indie deck I purchased on Etsy from America plus a loving review of a beautiful book I am currently reading. Stay Tuned!

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