TEFL (ESL) Poetry Activity for Young Adult Learners

poetry TEFL English activity
I love Poetry, I’ve loved it since beginning high school with my incredible English Literature & English Language teacher Mrs Hesp! My favourite poem is La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats and some of my favourite poets are: Emily Dickinson, Christina Rossetti, Sarah Kay, Pablo Neruda, Thomas Hardy, Rupi Kaur and Catherynne Valente to name but a few. I collect poetry books that fuse nature and magical realism in their structure and I am working on my own illustrated poetry book too. I believe if TEFL teaching became a substantial career path I’d go back to university to perhaps do a PGCE in English Language with an emphasis on English Literature- specifically specializing in Poetry and short stories.

In regards to teaching Poetry as a TEFL session, whether in a group, one-to-one or skype, I think it makes for a brilliant mini break from general grammar studies and introduces the student to a world where you are allowed to experiment and bend the rules- because that is what poetry does and there is this wonderful freedom and play with words when writing poetry.

I created the first draft of this TEFL session about a year ago when completing my specialist module on Teaching TEFL online and I received a 100% pass for it, I think because I am an exceptionally creative person and I like to fuse art and creativity into my daily life, I seem to be able to conjure up more imaginative ways of learning things & living life- I’d say this is one of my best assets, fusing art & creativity with other things which encourages a faster and more holistic way of learning.
This is the updated version showing you can teach it in a classroom environment, private tuition or online sessions. I hope you like this lesson and its totally free, save it and print it out to keep with other lesson plans!

Want to see more samples of my Blackout Poetry,click on the link here: Blackout Poetry
You can also download the word document of this lesson here: Poetry TEFL lesson

blackout poetry Tefl lesson

blackout poetry ESL class

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