Thangka Mandala Painting



Jon finally hung up our Thangka Mandala “wheel of Life” painting we brought back from backpacking in Nepal.
This painting was created by a master painter from the Sunapati Thanka painting school in Bhaktapur and it’s so beautiful, especially in the light when it shimmers gold. We don’t usually buy things whilst abroad but I purchased this for Jon as a birthday present, so It’s kind of special because Nepal was a magical, eye-opening destination for us. It was the furthest we’d ever been together, it was the first place we’d backpacked around without a plan and we only had accommodation booked for the first three days and the people we met made us want to travel more often, we arn’t “holiday” people, we don’t just visit a place and sit in cafes by the beach all day taking selfies every day, we try to explore the entire country and we try to do it just how a local would, we catch that rusty bus, the rickshaw ride or haggle with taxi drivers, we sleep in one star hotels (because all we need is a bed and a place to brush our teeth in the morning), we talk to the locals who then become friends, Jon & I are not tourists, we are explorers and so this is something we hope will become a bigger part of our lives in the near future, so much so in fact we are already planning and saving for our next trip.

However right now our daily lives are what we are primarily focused on and these past few weeks have been reasonably busy with having our lodger moving in and Jon being able to have more time off work due to his contract changing so he’s been busy working on the house. We’ve sorted out minor tasks around some of the rooms that had taken a back seat until now and we are currently finishing off certain left over furnishings in our home, even our bedroom has a new light shade and green cushions, and Jon is also planning to build a new bathroom cupboard. I’ve been working two jobs as you know but I’ve also been planning a photo-shoot for promo material for my Kid’s yoga classes and this will happen at the end of this month and I have been drafting two new articles for Yogi Approved and potentially a prose poem for Bad Yogi Blog. So lots going on, lots of changes happening and lots of things to look forward too!

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