The Book of Symbols

the book of symbols

Taschen symbols

mandrake symbol

mermaid meaning

what is a dakini?

the meaning of a lotus flower

meaning of an Owl in the book of symbols

beautifully illustrated book of symbols by Taschen

the meaning of hands

symbology book

well designed book of symbolism

the symbolism of snakes

Taschen book of Symbols

great book of symbols for psychologists and therapists

understanding symbolism throughout history and modernity

analysing picture symbols
This is a brilliant book for Psychologists, Artists, Art Therapists, Historians and even Archaeologists as it is full of ancient & modern pictures and objects that have had some significant symbolic meaning throughout history. If you are a Jung fan and interested in the collective unconscious then this book holds huge amounts of information with beautiful imagery and can really help a student and practitioner develop their knowledge in symbolism.

This isn’t the kind of book you just dive into on page one, and plow through in a sequential manner. It is, though, a supurb reference book of all things Jungian, Freudian, archtypal, tantric, and post-modern. For those of you who appreciate and respect the power of the symbols that surround us in our daily lives, this is the tome for you. Drawing from a variety of traditions, it is nearly exhaustive in scope, yet oddly refreshing. This is a book that examines how our environment interacts with our psyche and how we make sense of the world. It starts with the most fundamental and ancient symbols like the Universal egg and expands further towards modernity passing through the symbolism of the plant world, the animal kingdom, and ultimately, our own artificial creations. It’s a fascinating collection of illustrated essays that would be of interest to anybody. It’s beautifully designed, incredibly well researched and a pleasure to read.
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