The Shamanic way of the Bee

A month ago I had just finished this book and felt so inspired by it I even google searched “How to become a Bee Keeper”. It is something of interest alongside learning more about herbs in the later years of my life. Probably do what my Mum is now doing, I love the idea of living in a cottage somewhere in the world, with my own veggie patch, herb garden and small hive whilst surrounded by pet dogs, art & a dance/yoga studio perhaps?

This book is both informative and mystical, you do learn things about Bees and Bee Keeping you never knew but you also delve into the sacred rituals of Bee Shamanism which is still prevalent today. Some chapters are quite sensual and mystical as you read about the sacred feminine and divine mother goddess as the Bee and that all the honey bees of this world are her daughters. Some of the story line has a very ancient Celtic and even Tantric approach to becoming initiated into the Bee Shamanism community and it is laced with potent sensual wording through out as he discusses the beauty and the lustful taste of honey and it’s healing qualities in relation to the divine feminine.
Through out, Simon Buxton also talks about the medicinal tools of Bee Keeping–such as honey, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly–which are now in common usage; actually have origins in Chinese acupuncture and can be traced back to the ancient practice of applying bee stings to the body & meridians within tribal cultures. This book will delight the senses and awaken your Sacral chakra for sure, do check it out here.

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