Three Boho Dream Catchers

dream catchers
I finally found the time to finish these beauties off. These three dream catchers were created for three teen girls in mind, I met them and their mom on the Teen yoga teacher training and the whole family were so lovely towards me, I wanted to send them hand made gifts as a thank you.

So I wanted these dream catchers to be sophisticated enough so that as the girls grow up the dream catchers won’t look childish, they needed to be colourful and full of life, and each one was made with each girl’s personality in mind. I felt they all needed to have a similarity to them though so I kept their basic style the same to show they belong to three sisters but each have a slightly different colouring or charm that brings out their individuality.

This first one was made for the youngest of the three. She’s theatrical, quirky and full of beans. She was always moving around, doing cartwheels and wearing very flamboyant harem pants. I wanted her dream catcher to emulate that, so her flowers are the most colourful and she has been given a butterfly charm to represent her free spirited nature.

hand made dream catchers

Artist Katie Ness
This second dream catcher is for the eldest. She’s into fashion design, shopping and perhaps running her own business one day. Her personality is more reserved but curious. I wanted to create a dream catcher that represented her femininity as she becomes a young woman, her colours are subtle and earthy with her main charm being a rose quartz for self love and universal love and a tree charm for growth and potential. Blue howlite is also added for communication and encouraging a sense of calm because she has dyslexia (Like me) it will help her reduce any anxiety she might have about speaking/listening/writing/reading and let her know she is smart and beautiful in her own way.

boho dream catcher

floral dream catcher
The last dream catcher is for the middle sibling. She appears to be a cross between her younger and elder sisters. She’s confident yet inquisitive, thoughtful and full of ideas and she has a lot of confidence in speaking her mind in groups so blues for her throat chakra were used. She has a love of nature, animals and in particular horses and horse riding. I didn’t have a horse charm so instead I embellished her catcher with leaf charms and a tree charm as well as blue howlite for serenity and communication.

dream catchers in Autumn

arts and craft ideas
All three young women were amazingly confident, well spoken and free spirited in their own unique way which is a testament to their mom who has raised them to be kind, thoughtful and full of charisma. I wanted to capture their personalities in the dream catchers and I do hope they like them.

Everything I make is made with love, I also imbue them with Reiki, bless them with sage and create a moon blessing ceremony for them too so that when they hang their dream catchers on the wall of their bedrooms, the dream catchers should radiate positive and peaceful energy, aiding them in a restful nights sleep and giving the girl’s good vibes in their personal spaces. I do enjoy creating these dream catchers, they are a simple pleasure that brings me into a state of meditation, they are a simple thing, a sweet past time that brings me peace of mind when the rest of my life is so hectic and there are more on the way. I have been commissioned to created a Neon (glow in the dark) catcher, two Boho-Bridal catchers and two goddess inspired catchers so stay tuned for those. I look forward to creating the next dream catcher by the roaring fire and drinking a soothing chamomile tea, utter bliss.

rainy day activities

shamanic healing dream catchers
I shall be setting up an etsy shop in the new year for any one interested in a bespoke dream catcher lovingly created by me. It will also link to my new website which will include teaching information (prices/venues), Bio with CV, tabs to all the platforms my writing is published with and projects I am working on. I am super excited for this website to go live! Everything will be revealed soon!

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