Wanderlust Mermaid & Ruler Of The Empire

shopdixi, ruler of the empire crystal ball ring, wanderlust, mermaid ring
I discovered the online store shopdixi that sells boho & grunge jewellery through a chance meeting with a woman in a shopping mall here in the UK. On her index finger she wore this gorgeous crystal ball ring and I just HAD to know where she got it from. I have been searching for a crystal ball ring for some time now, there are some on Etsy that are lovely but the ring mounts tend to be of cheap metal, meaning even though I’d be paying premium prices for something handmade, it’s not so nice when the metal rusts or turns your skin green! So the discovery of Shopdixi was a magical moment for me, their ring mounts are high quality sterling silver and their crystals are to an excellent standard also and considering these are high quality boho jewellery pieces, their prices are pretty reasonable.

I obviously bought the “Ruler of the Empire” clear quartz Crystal ball ring as well as two simple stack rings with text “Wanderlust” and “Mermaid” stamped into the band. I felt like these words resonated with me considering I do have Wanderlust (huge desire to travel) and with my dancing said to look slinky & watery plus with my very tiny waist, people have commented that if I was a mythical creature I’d be a Mermaid which is pretty awesome since Mermaids are my favourite folkloric imaginary being. These rings go beautifully with my collection of other ‘magical’ things such as my Wild Unknown Tarot deck & my Fortune Teller’s Teacup. I will be buying more products from this lovely online store as there is just so many beautiful pieces of jewellery I’d love to own. Their Harvest Moon collection is simply divine & I am wild about this Sea Gypsy Necklace, which will probably be my next treat to myself.
If you enjoy the wilder, magical side to life and if your heart skips a beat at all things quixotic & tribalesque then this jewellery is for you, go and treat yourself, I promise you won’t regret it. Visit ShopDixi!

shopdixi, mermaid ring, wanderlust ring, fortune teller's teacup, wild unknown tarot

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