We’re revamping our Garden

So you all saw a previous blog post about the final results of our home being renovated. Now after two years of living comfortably in our house we fancied revamping our garden. It was actually our next door neighbour who gave us the little nudge we needed due to our ivy overgrowing into her garden and causing damage to the shared wall. She is currently having work done to her house and garden and so to cooperate our ivy had to go. I was sad at first because if you can maintain ivy it is very beautiful however once it was cleared away we saw the potential our garden actually has.

Now Jon is drawing up a plan and we’ve bought two huge plant pots for Acer trees to grow and we have also purchased some outdoor Moroccan lanterns to add character. The plan is to keep the original frame work but turn the front part of the flower beds into benches, trellises will be added to the walls for climbing plants to grow, there will also be a Bee Friendly area too. The horrible metal hand rail near the back gate will go and we’ll add purple cobble stones to the ground. We want the space to feel loved again and have that fusion between an exotic Mediterranean courtyard and a tidy, practical Scandinavian garden. Jon intends on getting the foundations built over Winter so that by Spring the garden will be ready to plant the flowers. And yes we are still keeping our beautiful Palm tree!
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