Whale: An Illustrated Poem

whale poem, illustrated poem by Katie Ness

Summer Solstice Blessings everyone!
Here is a new illustrated poem. This was created for my best friend but could not get it finished in time to give her a print when I saw her in February.
Whales are part of my animal totem and they represent following your own truth, being both a nurturer and go-getter, whale people recognize there is more to life than meets the eye and they tend to be very mystical individuals.
Dandelions symbolize healing of emotional pain, emotional intelligence, surviving through challenging times and having a youthful joy regardless of lifes difficulties.
I made this for my best friend because we tend to experience similar issues at the same time (soul sisters) and we both love whales because they are like elephants of the sea!

This is another illustrated poem that will eventually go in the poetry book I am creating. I’ve always wanted to publish a book and many people have said they love my poetry for it’s fusion of mysticism, nature, eroticism and magical realism. The same is said about my illustrations so I figured why not bring both forms of creativity together?

I have also decided to include in the book, some collages and black & white photography  that has a strong mystical element. I hope to have about 50+ poems in this poetry collection and I already have 15 that are completed.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. This is the direction my writing is heading which is why I’ll no longer be writing for Yogi Approved soon, I have two articles left to write for them and eventually I will stop writing for Bad Yogi also. I do want to continue writing for online platforms when I feel called to write and if the site or magazine suits my writing style. But I can no longer dedicate myself to writing regular monthly articles, I have other things to work on and I’ve grown so much, I need space to cultivate this new venture which includes more dream-catchers, more poetry and prose, more personal yoga journeys, more content for this blog (such as book reviews, travel tips and yoga thoughts) and more time to set up classes so I can teach yoga, art and dance in my community. It’s time now to show what I am made of.

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