Yoga and Belly Dance Workshop

yoga and belly dance workshop Plymouth, UK
Jodie and I have finally organized a yoga & belly dance workshop together! We spent the Spring months planning what we want to teach, creating promo imagery and leaflets for the big day happening on the 16th July which is in a couple of weeks time. So far about 75 people are interested, 12 say they are going and 7 have paid for their place. There are only 15 spots available but we are hoping to facilitate more if this first one is successful. I am so excited and nervous because THIS is exactly what my dream career entails so I am thankful to the yoga loft for hosting us.
In the near future I hope to teach weekly evening belly dance classes, weekend workshops and kiddo yoga & art sessions during school holidays. Much more is in the pipeline and I am just testing the waters but the future I hope for involves me leaving my retail job to be a TEFL English teacher (online or on placement) and that will be my main sources of income with teaching yoga, art and belly dance on the side as my residual income and I already have two ladies interested in me teaching at their retreats for next summer in Bulgaria. This workshop is the step in the right direction to what I’ve been working on and who I am becoming and I am super proud of myself for being head strong and forging my own path.
Kiddo yoga & art workshops as well as Teen yoga & Belly Dance workshops are currently being planned also for the summer holidays, stay tuned for more information!

Here are the details if you are interested in coming to our workshop:
Take some time out to recharge, feel grounded and connect to youself. In this 2.5-3 Hour workshop we will be fusing Yoga and Belly Dance focusing on the base Chakras and energies of grounding and self empowerment.

The Yoga section will combine asana, breathing and visualisation to help connect to our core. Incorporating an observation of the feet and their connection to the rest of the body discovering how to build a strong foundation from the ground up. We will also explore our connection to our root chakra and look at how to engage Mula Bandha for grounding and inner strength. This will then be weaved into a hip and shoulder opening Asana flow in preparation for the dancing.

The Belly Dance Part will start with a brief history of the dance then you will be taken on an uplifting journey utilizing your feminine energies and connect you to the ebb & flow of your body, the joy in your heart and earthy rhythms of tribal belly dance. Katie will guide you through simple belly dance movements and techniques learning to do fun shimmy hip movements, slinky snake arms and belly rolls. This part of the workshop will be playful and energising and hopefully put a smile on your face.

After the dancing we will end the afternoon with a short a guided meditation.

Wear loose comfortable clothing
For the belly dance you don’t need to show your belly
All equipment provided
Suitable for all abilitys
Start time 4pm
End time approx 7pm

There will be a short break in between the yoga and Belly Dance classes.

Sunday 16th of July at 4 pm
Cost £25
£20 early bird (full balance to be paid by 3rd of July).
£10 deposit to secure your space.
Just 15 spaces available
Facebook link here: Yoga & Belly Dance Workshop

To book contact Jodie via plymouthholistics[at] or the Yoga Loft.
yoga and belly dance, Plymouth UK

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