Yoga, Dandelions & a Doggy

Last Sunday Jon and I took Milly for a walk around a local park in Plymouth. Walking along the fields we saw hundreds of Dandelions and Buttercups dancing in the sun. I love Dandelions and there were so many of them along the grass at and were dotted about like little clouds, I wanted to lie in the grass and do some yoga around them…Milly wanted to join in!

The weather in the UK has been reasonably decent these past few weeks, with the exception of the rain storm during the May bank holiday. We have been able to get out in the sunshine and we hope this pleasant weather stays whilst we work on our garden and it’s just been so great not having to take my huge winter coat everywhere I go, all I need is a light jacket.
There is just something about nature that airs my heart out and because I now live nearer to the countryside (the South West of England) I’ve become even more appreciative and fascinated by wildlife and botanics. So much so, it will be something I study in the distance future to perhaps grow and dry my own herbs and create my own concoctions and potions!

In general with my life, I am quite content with everything. I’ve never been so happy in my body and mind as I am now, I have a plan and direction of where I’d like to go with my career and I feel very fortune to certain individuals (including Milly) who have come into my life and shown me love and kindness or an appreciation for my quirkiness, these lovely souls sincerely love me for who I am and have not judged me or attempted to change me and I think these people have come into my life recently because I was beginning to practice self love which in turn attracted the right people, my little tribe of wild flowers! I feel truly grateful for all I have and all that is coming!


Spring time


walking the dog

yoga in the park

yoga outside

UK Yogi

Yoga with dogs

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