Yoga on the Hoe

yoga in Plymouth
Today I met up with a woman named Jeanette who is friends with my yoga teacher and is currently doing her yoga teacher training. I offered to be her yoga guinea-pig whilst she assessed my sun salutations and we discussed me performing and teaching a belly dance class at her yoga festival this September in Newquay.
Initially the weather was beautiful and warm but it suddenly turned very cloudy and chilly so we ended up practicing yoga in our coats! Jeanette taught me some lovely partner yoga stretches to music called Isochronic tones and after a sun salutation warm up she disected my salutation asanas to help me see where I may need improving which was really fun and interesting. We learned that both my cobra and down-dog are beautiful and near perfect but my forward fold and chaturanga needs adjusting. To be fair, it was rather chilly so my hamstrings were reasonably tight however Jeanette showed me ways to find space in my hips as I bend forward and to slightly balance on the balls of my feet rather than resting on my ankles in order to get that proper stretch my hamstrings need. She also suggested to practice this asana with the wall behind me as I fold to help encourage an aligned folding. And my Chaturanga (Plank) was good but we noticed my core wasn’t 100% activated and I was pushing my butt up slightly to compensate for lack of core work during this asana.

We also chatted a lot about our mutual love for different yoga styles and holistic therapies and Jeanette showed me a map of what the festival is going to look like and where I’m probably going to be teaching. Her personality and temperament is similar to mine (including that day dreamy look I have when thinking of things.) and our sense of humour is the same. It’s so lovely to meet such a kindred spirit and we’re already talking about attending different types of yoga workshops together, she’s even invited me to try Yoga Nidra and Womb yoga with her soon.
It was a super fun day!

sun salutation

cobra and down dog

forward fold yoga

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