Yoga for Travellers

Yoga for Travellers book
I bought this very cute little book about two weeks ago and it is difficult to put down. After reading such heavy text about Yoga Philosophy, Tantra and Hinduism for my short course I was in need of something fun and uplifting. I can not remember how I stumbled upon this book but it made me smile and is so handy to my lifestyle at the moment. Although I do not travel extensively, Jon & I have done three backpacking holidays within 18 months and we have plans to do the same this September coming when visiting my Mum in Bulgaria and maybe a trip to Cambodia or Vietnam is next on the agenda for March 2016? Either way it seems travel is very much a part of my life and I hope it is something that will become integral to my career and hence something I’ll end up doing often. Perhaps travelling to Italy to teach therapeutic Belly Dance? maybe a weekend in Spain to perform at a festival? Or perhaps running my own Yoga, Belly Dance & Art workshops in France? Who knows, right?
Jennifer J. Ellinghaus
So this little book is just perfect for someone like me who although loves travelling, does find it difficult to know when and where to practice my Yoga? Do I take my mat? How do I take my mat? And even how to stay motivated to learn harder poses and sequences whilst tired, on the road or in a tiny dorm room?
This book includes very sweet illustrations through out as well as yoga sequences tailored to your space, mood, climate or daily activity. There are over 120 illustrated yoga postures, a practical explanation of Yoga Philosophy and extra tips on how to make the most of your travel experience whilst being able to continue include Yoga.
Yoga for Travellers book review
This book is the perfect size for travellers, it is small and square and can easily be thrown into your backpack without much effort and it is just such a lovely read when sat on a plane for hours. You can buy it here: Yoga for Travellers book.

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