Yoga in Veliko Tarnovo

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Here I am at Hotnitsa waterfalls practicing yoga. I know it seems like all I do is do a quick pose that Jon photographs, but I also do sun salutation warms ups and my personal practice has become more consistent.
I do envy those who have a strong home practice because it is hard for me, due to being a sociable person I relish in attending yoga class, being able to watch and learn from my teacher motivates me and interacting with fellow yogis before and after class is important to me as I can be quite a solitary person with the rest of my life.

I feel like my body has become a lot more soft but also starting to feel stronger too. I ease into asanas better and my upper arm strength is coming along really well.

Due to my Mum now living in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria and it being a place I will visit regularly I am hoping to make connections with local business owners (Expats or Bulgarians) who own hotels, gyms, studios, retreat centres, community centres and much more who would love me to run kids yoga-dance workshops and women’s belly dance classes perhaps sometime in the summer months. It has been something I have been thinking about and manifesting for a couple of years now. Veliko Tarnovo is pretty central in Bulgaria, it’s only three hours away from the capital Sofia, two hours away from Plovdiv which is an artsy, cultural city and three hours away from Varna (Sunny beach) which is full of resorts and tourists. Veliko Tarnovo itself is quaint and peaceful, much like the lake district back in the UK, thus making it a potential hot spot to facilitate my own retreat-like summer (or weekend) workshops in the neat future?
I am now qualified as a TEFL teacher (Teaching English as a foreign language). I love that I am becoming a multi-faceted teacher and there are more exciting things in relation to this that are all part of the bigger plan and I will announce it all soon.
Until then, if any local business owner in hospitality, fitness and health residing Bulgaria (Primarily in Veliko Tarnovo) fancy hiring me to run art sessions, belly dance workshops or Kids Yoga-Dance classes do not hesitate to contact me to discuss things further via the contact form here.
Photo credit: Jon Roberts Photography

Yoga in Bulgaria, yoga asana, crescent moon lunge, Veliko Tarnovo

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