Zap Yoga

I recently discovered this incredible woman via a different blog that posted a video of her practicing Yoga on a beach in India. Her name is Zap. Zap is a Russian Model, artist & Yoga instructor amongst many more interesting things. Not only do I find her intriguing and inspiring because she enjoys an array of many different joyful activities but I find her Yoga practice calming & very natural. In comparison to other advanced Yogis who have an air of almost sporty athleticism about them, Zap dances through her Yoga practice as though in a state of grace. Her movements are gentle, innocent, playful, slightly sensual and fluid like water.
Zap is a stunning picture of health, strength, serenity & sweetness. Her evident state of overall wellbeing is truly inspiring. If you want to learn more about her, here is a short video interview of her here and here is her website.

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